Mariah Brown Shares About Big Summer Plans and Move

Mariah Brown of “Sister Wives” just shared on her Instagram that she is making a big move this summer. Things are going great for Mariah and her girlfriend Audrey. She shared the details about their plans for the summer before she heads off to graduate school.

Mariah said, “Little life update for y’all: Audrey + I moved to Las Vegas for the summer to be with my family before we move across the country. We are really excited to be here + I’m stoked to get to spend this time with family //.”

It sounds like they are living back at home again. More than likely, Mariah and Audrey are staying with her mom Meri considering that she is the only one in her house. That means there is plenty of room for them to stay there. Meri is also gone a lot with her LLR clothing business and her bed and breakfast in Utah.

Hopefully, the TLC cameras are rolling while they are there for the summer. The fans would love to see how things end up going for them when “Sister Wives” returns for a new season. TLC has already confirmed that the show will be back once again, but they haven’t shared the exact date yet.


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