Jet Willis Is Married! Fans Realize They Missed Willis Daughter’s Big News

Now that The Willis Family isn’t on television at all the fans have been wondering how they are doing. It turns out that Jet Willis is now Jet Willis-Piatt after getting married months ago, but none of the fans even realized it. Her Instagram shows about her wedding, new husband and more.

If you look at the picture below, you will see who her husband is and it happens to be a guy that the fans all know and love. He was on the show and at the time they were in the very early stages of their courtship.

She married Cory Piatt back in January in Nashville. It looked like a great day full of family and friends. If you pay attention to Jet’s posts she seems to be really happy. She is also now offering whistling lessons over Skype and Facetime for a way to teach kids and bring in some money. It doesn’t sound like their show will ever return, but you can keep up with the Willis Clan on social networks.


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