Amy Roloff Gets Hard Time Over Pic With Jackson on an ATV

Amy Roloff is a proud grandma and recently posted a picture with her grandson Jackson on an ATV. What was meant to just be a cute and fun picture, upset a lot of people and they couldn’t stay quiet. In Touch Weekly shared about what the fans had to say to Amy about it all.

Amy posted the picture and fans went nuts. She was on an ATV called a mule. More than likely, they were going pretty slow, but the followers were not happy. One said “Why is he not in a car seat or strapped in? Very, very careless!!!.” Another asked, “Wow… no helmet?” Others were sticking up for Amy explaining that it was an ATV and didn’t need a car seat. So far, Amy hasn’t responded, so it looks like she has just decided to ignore the haters.

Are you shocked that they gave Amy Roloff such a hard time about this picture? Let us know in the comments below and don’t miss “Little People, Big World” when it returns with new episodes next year.


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  • Di
    July 14, 2018

    People always have something negative to say. That’s what happens when you have social media. I don’t think Amy would do anything to hurt her Grandchild.

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