Benefits of Spending Your Free Time Outdoors

Many people prefer spending most of their time indoors but there are very many benefits to taking time and being outdoors. There is so much one can do outdoors plus this a chance to change one’s environment. In the summer it’s the best time to be outdoors as there is a wide range of beneficial activity that you can do which are crucial to your wellbeing. Research has shown that we spend at least 93% of our time indoors and that can be attributed to the reason as to why many people are unhealthy. Here are some of the key benefits of spending your time outdoors.

Reduce Stress

When you spend more time outdoors you are able to reduce stress, this is in the sense that you are able to see things which take your mind off things. An example if you take a walk or engage in jogging one is able to reduce their hormone levels. While outdoors one does not have to do much because even taking a walk help in the reduction of the stress-causing hormone called cortisol. It has been found that the people who spend most of their time outdoors are happier and report a lower level of blood pressure and better heart rate. Interaction with people also helps in improving one’s mood and overall health.

Develop a hobby

Spending time outdoors helps one develop a hobby, this is because there is so much one can do while outdoors. This gives a chance for one to realize a talent they never knew they had. This may include cycling, swimming or even being a part of Motorsports of Willmar. The more time you have outdoors the more time you have of figuring out exactly the areas which you are good at. This also gives you a chance to burn more calories and get your body into shape.

 Get Vitamin D

Spending time outdoors gives one a chance to get the vital vitamin D which comes from the sun. Most people who spend most of their time indoors miss a chance to get free Vitamin D from the sun. The scientist has been able to link the rising case of cardiovascular diseases, depression and even complications during pregnancy to the fact that people are not having adequate vitamin D in their bodies.  The best advice is one should try to get at least 15 minutes of sunlight every day.

Better Sleep

Spending more time outdoors gives one better sleep; this is because of the associated factors like the reduction of stress and adequate vitamin D.  Spending more time outdoors gives your body a chance to adjust its internal clock and arrange your sleep rhythm much better. This means that it becomes easier to fall asleep. Research has found that people who spend at least 5 hours outdoor have a better sleep pattern. The people who suffer from insomnia will benefit greatly for spending more time outdoors. This is because they experience less difficulty falling asleep.


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