15 Ways Men Can Appear More Attractive to Women

Have you ever watched a woman or a girl fawn over a celebrity? Do you wonder what makes these idolized men so attractive?

For starters, it’s the image of the “ideal” man. In a world of excessive masculinity and toughness, how do men make their ground and use gravity to draw in the dames they’re interested in?

For that to happen, dear readers bear with us.  Soon you’ll know how you can appear more attractive and woe your lady love with these simple tips!.

Bring out Your Goofy Side

Hear us out! Women like guys who are mature and emotional. But they also want to have fun and laugh with their partners. Being silly and having the power to cheer girls up can actually help you a lot in relationships.

So don’t just be a grumpy man all the time. It’s important to find the equilibrium for being goofy, sensitive and classy. Yes, it’s complicated, but if you want the ladies, roll with it!

Smile to Reel Her In

Although smoldering looks are all the rage right now, a smile is ultimately the key to your soul. Smiles are warm and welcoming. They make you instantly attractive and approachable.

But make sure you keep it sincere, and not creepy! Smile more even if you don’t feel confident, to spread positive vibes. Trust me, your trust and heartiest smile will definitely get her heart racing.

Being a Slob Won’t Do

Being lazy is fine but going out with coffee stains on your shirt is not cool. When you try to keep yourself tip-top, it displays effort, which women love.

Women find men who care more attractive. This means you should take atleast 5 minutes to groom yourself every day and maintain your appearance.

This actually makes a difference in how you dress and look. And it certainly works like a charm!

4. Say Yes! to Beards

Beards portray a strong sense of masculinity, which almost all ladies dig. Even if it’s not a full beard, women still find a bit of facial hair beguiling.

Growing one when you are ready, can be the icing to your cake. It makes you look a lot more mature. This is a trait which captivates women very easily.

Dress Well

Dressing makes a huge impact on women. One look and she is already analyzing you, graphing out probabilities and ruling out possibilities. So being fashionable and well presented can really make or break your chances.

Formal wear isn’t always the answer. If your style is a simple t-shirt and jeans,  even that will do. Opt for ones that are neutral, complementing and mature. You don’t want to look crazy, but you do want to stand out.

Being Great with Kids Helps

Striking a women’s fancy has a lot to do with how you behave around kids… Your protectiveness, warmth, and empathy are beautiful concoctions that make women find you irresistible.

This is you at your most honest self, so naturally, the attraction is inevitable. Playing around with kids or helping them out is bound to make any girl’s heart melt.

Sensitivity is Attractive

Jokes and humor are what men thrive on while communicating with one another. But women like to hear about feelings and see the softer side to that frame.  They want their why’s to be answered and prefer men who express themselves.

When you exhibit sensitivity, it creates trust and appreciation.
Your emotions and softness will make you a lot more captivating in woman’s eyes.

Hit the Gym

Women are not awed by beefcakes. But they do prefer men who stay healthy and fit. Every woman wants a man with a strong enough frame to support her.

If you choose to go to the gym, your goal should be to have a good built. But you don’t become too bulky, as this will make you seem intimidating.. You will always catch a girl’s attention if your aura portrays balance and not narcissism.

Be Kind

Women are instantly are drawn to men who are kind. Things like helping an old lady cross the road and holding puppies to save them from the rain will get you in their good books.

Girls ultimately want men who know how to behave well. So if you’re someone who whistles at the waiter, then it’s time to change your habits.

Kindness gives the message that you aren’t someone who is full of yourself and that you have compassion for people around you.

Mischief Managed

Men who carry innocent shenanigans and are playfully mischievous are really appreciated by the ladies. A sense of thrill and fun, adventure and spontaneity is something that all women crave.

Let your mischief out but don’t be reckless. You should always know your limits so you don’t get into trouble… Be playful and fun, but don’t hurt anybody in the process.

Let Your Fragrance Do the Talking

Smelling like feet and of sweat is just not generally acceptable. Ladies love a good smelling man. When you have a distinguishable scent that can mess with a girl’s senses, you definitely get the upper hand.

Faveable.com suggests stocking up on some sexy smelling colognes. This will make all the ladies’ heads turn. Smelling fresh will have the girl of your dreams sniff you out in style.

Seize the Color Red

Colors can maneuver the way you feel. And red, being an authentic, bold color, instantly draw eyes on you. Women perceive red as a sign of passion and power which automatically makes you alluring. So, keep some red in your wardrobe and flaunt it to get the attention you want.


Women are attracted to men that have skills, be it playing the guitar or having a knack for extreme sports. The more the notion of the thrill is waved around, the more they perceive you to be daring and fun.


A hint of chivalry will take you a long way. Decades have passed since men took their hats off to bow at a lady. While there is no need to get dramatic, showing off some simple manners such as holding the door open or complimenting her is all you need.

Be Responsible

Only by being responsible, can you reach success. Women find men who are careful about deadlines, appointments, and tardiness, very reliable. Responsible men are perceived to be a solid foundation for future prospects.

Brave Your Way Through

How you are or what you lack should not falter your confidence. Women undoubtedly find men who pay attention to the little things extremely attractive.

Take the cake and be on the electrifying edge of your utmost potential. Pay attention to the right places and show your girl you have it under control. Soon enough you’ll be impressing her with your rejuvenating demeanor.




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