Dental Plans for You and Your Family: How to Choose the Best One

Dental hygiene is a very sensitive issue. Keeping your gums and teeth clean takes meticulous attention with a minimum of one trip to the dentist every six months. It is always safer to have a certain dentist who is familiar with your history and can provide you with the best services on top of a routine checkup.

If you are thinking of getting a dental plan and this is your first time, you need to consider a few things. Is this plan going to be an individual plan or a family plan?

It is better to have a family plan to get the routine checkups out of the way? We recommend dePacific dental group if you are looking for a family plan.

Most people go to the dentist based on ad-hoc demand, but it is advised to pay a visit even when you do not have a problem at least twice a year.

We have listed down the following tips for your convenience while selecting the best dentist/dental clinic in town.

1.   Ask about the experiences of other people:

Word of mouth is most effective when it comes to medical care. Ask your family members or close friends whose opinion you value. You can also ask your friends who are in the medical profession because they will be aware of the reputation of different dental clinics/dentists.

You can explore lists of local dentists who are part of SDA (Singapore Dental Association) or other professional associations for options.

2.   Meet for a consultation:

Make an appointment with your selected dentists to try to understand if that dentist is the right fit for you. Try to find out which procedures are done in-office and which are referred out.

This will help you to make a judgment call. You need to be able to trust this person with your oral problems and you need to be able to explain them without any discomfort.

They also need to be good with children if you’re thinking of a family package.

3.   Service Packages:

Since dentistry is a dynamic field, there are always new treatments available that can help cater to your special needs. You should ideally choose a clinic with a variety of services available and try to be updated about the latest available treatments.

4.   State of the Art Dental Equipment:

The establishment period of a clinic gives you an idea of its reputation. If it has been there for long enough, you know there has not been a case of discredit.

Do look for public records with its name as well.

You also do not want to go to a clinic with ancient instruments. Technology has blessed us with many cutting-edge dental equipments. You need to do a little research on what sorts of equipment a clinic should have and see for yourself if they do.

5.   Professional Qualifications and Ongoing Training:

The dental industry used to have a very comfortable lapse even about twenty years ago but now there are specializations within this industry and the number is ever increasing.

You need to be well aware of the kind of training your dentist has and the dentist’s office should be able to give you that information. The modern dental professional must be attentive to providing the latest treatment and should accommodate such training in their schedule.

If you feel uncomfortable with the information provided, consider finding another dentist. Be aware of all the policies that the dentist’s office has before becoming a regular. Contact your local dentist’s office if you need to obtain more information.

Find out the different dentist associations or dental societies and contact them regarding this particular dentist. You can learn more about your dentist’s qualifications from there.

6.   Affordability of Packages:

Dentist treatments are no joke when it comes to the cost. This is where you need to be the most careful because costlier treatment doesn’t always translate as better treatment.

Try to compare a few dentist offices according to their service packages and respective costs. Usually, every dental clinic has a fixed rate so comparing them would be easier that way.

You also need to factor the payment method. Does the dentist accept your insurance? Are there multiple payment methods? The payment method also needs to be aligned with your insurance policy.

Things like referrals to a specialist and whether the entire treatment would be covered by your insurance must be thought of beforehand. Even if you have dental insurance, you may be paying part of the costs yourself; depending on the policy.

7.   Polite and Responsive Staff:

Your entire experience at the dentist’s office comprises of far more than your interaction with the dentist alone. For your experience to be effective and enjoyable, the staff needs to be warm and accommodating as well.

Professionalism is at the top of the list when it comes down to the staff at the dentist’s office. You will be interacting with them regarding your appointment and possible record-keeping so they need to be understanding and helpful.

8.   Cleanliness:

This is something you must look out for when you visit the dentist’s office. Just like a restaurant, the hygiene of a dentist’s office speaks volumes about the services provided there.

You probably won’t be allowed to go into the chamber but you can always check out the bathroom and the waiting area/lobby to get an idea. Be twice as skeptical while inspecting the place where you’re going to get your teeth and gums evaded.

Prophylactics, instruments and medicine etc. must be stored with care and pay attention to every single detail.

Try to fit your convenience as well. After your primary pool of eligible dentists, you should try to narrow them down based on their location and office hours and things like online booking facilities.

Choosing a dentist close to your work or home will make things much more convenient for you and it is almost impossible to go into the dentist’s office every time to make an appointment.

Final Thoughts

Having a perfect set of white teeth is a lot of work, but think about it like this: would you rather be going to the dentist’s office ten times more frequently with a dental problem or avoid it by being a little meticulous? That should be enough to answer your dilemma and possible laziness.

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