Finding the Best Song Lyric Apps to Always Know What Song You’re Listening

Any of my friends who know me well know I love music. And I especially love diving into the deeper meanings behind the lyrics. As a self-proclaimed music critic, I have to share this website with any of my fellow lyric-loving friends.

Top Apps for Finding Song Lyrics

These apps make it easy to read off the lyrics to songs, solving the mystery of what artists say during songs and also presenting fun karaoke activities. As you check the list out, here are a few things to keep in mind to help your search.

Find songs from just a few lyrics

Sometimes, you might hear a song without always having the title easily available. Everyone’s been at a party and heard a song over the speakers that they didn’t know. If you can get your phone out quickly enough (and let’s face it, you probably were already on your phone at the party in the first place), you can use an app to find out exactly which song is playing. These apps will even direct you towards the best ways to download the songs.


Now, if you don’t have time to get your phone out, some of these apps have easy lyric-searching features, in which you can simply type in a few of the lyrics and find the song. This is especially useful for those of us who get a few lines from a song stuck in our heads without being able to remember the rest. Simply type the lyrics in to find the full version of the song and get your fix.

Learn the words to new hits

One of the most entertaining things about new music is learning all the lyrics and interpreting the song for yourself. On your first and second listen, however, it can be tough to hear all of the words or understand the song entirely. Lyric apps can help you find the words to any song you want, even brand new, smash hits.

If you want to be the coolest of all your friends and memorize the words to new songs before anyone else does, many of these apps have song text-generating animations while the songs play. This is a fun way to learn the words to songs, sing along, and practice for your next big karaoke event. Stop singing the words wrong to the most popular new songs and learn the lyrics with ease.

Master your karaoke skills

While you’re checking out these song-lyric apps, you may want to consider one with scrolling lyrics. As I said before, these lyrics that scroll along the screen while music plays can help you memorize the words to songs, but they can also help you master your karaoke craft. When the words are scrolling along, you can put yourself onto the stage in your mind and let your lyrics fly with pride.

Many of these apps even involve scrolling song texts with only the instrumental versions, which can be incredibly helpful as well. Pretty soon, you can use these scrolling lyrics to make videos for social media posts or even a YouTube channel. Create entertaining covers that have the same exact instrumental backgrounds without worrying about messing up any of the lyrics. Make it your own and reach a new audience right where they are.


Mobile song lyric apps can help you enjoy music to another level by helping you find song lyrics easily, find songs based on lyrics alone, and master your karaoke skills.




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