Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathrooms are just as important as bedrooms where most remodeling work is focused on. They’re mostly the smallest partition found in the home with yet the most features and uses. Sometimes, they’re hybrids of closet, bath and toilet ― one more reason why homeowners like to give them more attention.

Now, as a homeowner, you should know that remodeling only takes one tiny mistake to mess the whole process up. Especially with such a small space like the bathroom, one wrong installation decision could cramp the space up, or making the worst color choice could downgrade your space to an unbearable sight. To avoid big regrets in the future, here are bathroom remodeling tips you should never, ever forget: 


  • Consider The Space that You Have


This should be number one on your list. How many square tiles do you have to move about inside your bathroom? 

If you only have just enough space to move around your bathroom, maybe an additional fixture musn’t be part of your remodeling plan. Otherwise, you’d be cramping the space up.  

Remodeling could also mean downgrading… for the best. You may have a tiny bathroom, but an unreasonably large shower, leaving no space for the lavatory and the toilet. One thing you could do is remodel the shower. Downgrade it to a much more reasonable size.


  • Pick the Right Color


At times, it’s your color choice that could determine the remodeling work’s success. Each division in your home corresponds to a different need in terms of color, may it be the color of the floor, walls, or furniture – it all depends on which room we’re talking about. 

Now, for your bathroom, you have to consider one thing – the size. If you have a small bathroom, make it look bigger with lighter colors such as white or sky blue. These colors will make the illusion of a larger space. On the other hand, larger bathrooms can be more flexible, allowing you to play with more colors, but of course, a bigger space will always look better and more livable. Bigger is better and lighter colors are always the way to go. 


  • Lighting


Let’s talk about functionality.

Is your bathroom bright enough? Bright enough for you to do you daily business comfortably and hassle-free?

Pick the right lighting and the best light positions in the bathroom. You should also consider efficiency and less energy consumption. One thing you can do to fulfill this is to pick a more central spot for your lighting and of course, pick the right light and wattage. 

For bathrooms, the most commonly used lighting for bathrooms are 20-watt LEDs. They last longer and give the best quality lighting. 


  • Add Plants


Give your bathroom more life by adding plants to the scene. This will make it a more “peaceful” place, somewhere you’d like to spend your mornings’ newspaper read. 

Plants are always necessary for bathrooms. As you should know, bathrooms are closed spaces with lesser windows, disconnected from nature. Plants counter this disadvantage of not having one-way windows that cost a lot. With plants, you’d have an instant connection with the outdoors, giving more life and flavor to your enclosed space.


  • Ask for Professional Help


If this is your first time remodeling, or if you are not accompanied by anyone but yourself and your measly efforts, you can call renovations experts

This will not only improve the results of your remodeling but will also rid of possibilities of avoidable mistakes and accidents given the talent and expertise of these professionals.

It will cost some money to acquire their help, but surely, it would be worth it and will save you a lot of time, effort and possibly some money. 


  • Add Decors


If you have enough space, don’t think twice about decors, they’re great additions to your bathroom. Besides plants, you can take the help of free-standing pieces to make your space more lively and aesthetically pleasing.

It’s always nice to have something to look at while you take your shower.


  • Ventilation


Straying away from aesthetics, it’s time to think about the needs of your bathroom. Ventilation should be on top of the list. Proper ventilation will ensure that you’re breathing healthy air. 

Get rid of indoor pollutants with an exhaust fan. This is also effective in eliminating some excess steam when showering. In addition, having proper ventilation in your bathroom and any part of your home can decrease uncomfortable humidity.

Remodeling your bathroom is also an opportunity to save money in the future. An old bathroom with old fixtures and appliances takes a lot more from your budget. If you remodel your bathroom with better fixtures and more efficient appliances and lighting, you will not only improve the looks of your home, but you will save yourself from unnecessary and avoidable expenses in the future.


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