The Upcoming Fashion Looks of 2020 That You Need Now

Ready to show the world your post-quarantine best self? If your closet seems out of touch with current styles and fashions, then that’s a big sign that you should step into some of the hottest clothing trends for 2020.

Here are a handful of looks you certainly won’t want to miss out on, and which will make you feel gorgeous.

1. Puff Sleeve Tops with Ruffle-Trimmed Bottoms

Though you’d initially associate these types of tops with Victorian-era royalty or circus clowns, ruffle-puff sleeves are one of many new trends for 2020. If you’re not into the overreaching, massive-shoulder look of the tops, there are short-sleeve versions with less ruffle and bows. The single-greatest factor about this look is that you can wear these duds on almost any occasion, without appearing out of place at most events.

2. Low-Cut Jeans with Flare Boots

If you want to look sleek and sexy in that puff sleeve top, then you definitely need to add in some denim. In fact, flare-bottom jeans have become a cool new trend that almost everyone is wearing now. When you pick out flare-bottom pants for this outfit, make sure it’s a contrast color of the top. You can add a gold-plated or neutral-tone belt buckle around the midsection to make it pop with your jewelry.

3. Neutral-Glam Eyeshadow

If you’re tired of looking tired, then try out a new trending makeup that will brighten up the under and inner areas of your eyes with beautiful shades of color, without going overboard. Start with a middle color to brighten under the brow before adding the darker shades toward the outer half of the eyelid, and then blend the two. Add the lightest shade of your palette into the inner corner of your eyelid and combine them into each other. Finish the look with mascara and a light touch of lower eye shadow.

4. Gold Hoop or Pearl Jewelry

These days, most consumers prefer to wear necklaces, bracelets or earrings with overly exaggerated vibrance that seem to pull away from their attire. To make this outfit shine its brightest and add onto your vibe of elegance without overdoing it, opt for gold or pearl jewelry. If you’re unusually tired of the drab look of some of the many trending outfits of late, then you’ll love to have these on while your entire outfit shines.

5. Neutral-Toned or Black Heeled Boots

If you want to kick the dust off post-quarantine, you can’t go wrong with a sexy pair of heeled boots. Indeed, they look pretty slick when paired underneath your flared pants and feel comfortable while on the go. If you’re not into wearing boots, opt for neutral-colored pumps or black high heels, with gold straps or pearl accents.

Add Some Spice to Your Outfits This Summer

If you’re looking to wear something fun and a little more flirty for the summer, get a set of some beautiful garters, which are in style and feel comfortable with any outfit. Moreover, they will complement any outfit and add that perfect touch to make you feel on top of the world.



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