Out In The Wild- How To Have An Incredible Solo Hunting Experience

Although hunting is generally done in groups, seasoned hunters want to get the taste of a solo spree once or more. It lets you be on your own and understand your survival potential. Doing it alone challenges you and brings out the best, so this is something that you must absolutely do if you have good experience of the sport. However, there are some things to bear in mind before stepping out in the wild all alone. Let us share some insights to make your one-man hunting party the most incredible experience ever.

Play it safe

Safety should be your top priority when you are in the wilderness and it becomes all the more important if you are doing it alone. Being with a group makes you confident that someone has your back if there’s a mishap. Hunting trips are fraught with dangers and you are more likely to come across problems than not, whether it is about being attacked by an animal, equipment failure, or a simple slip and fall. It makes sense to go the extra mile with your safety.

Check all your equipment, including firearms, ammunition, and navigation essentials, before you leave. Packing your engarde body armor is a good idea as it offers protection from any stray bullets. Surely, you can expect other hunters to be out there as well, so a random bullet shot is a possibility. Solo hunters need to be self-sufficient, so carry along extra food and water supplies, a basic first aid kit, and a fire-starter kit.

Deer from Pixabay

Have an exit strategy in place

Although hunting solo sounds like great fun, there are also some challenges you will have to be ready for. You may down a deer or elk a long way from your car, which means that you will have to manage taking it to the vehicle all alone. It is relatively easy to manage for smaller animals like deer but larger animals are tougher to handle. Moreover, rugged and remote terrain can make it even more challenging.

For this reason, it becomes important to have an exit strategy in place. Carry along with all the requisite gear to field dress the animal and also get it out of the bush. Since you are alone, you will need to do all the hauling by yourself or even quarter the animal and carry it on your back, so be prepared for that as well.

Stay focused

Hunting is an activity that tests physical and mental capacity and resilience. It becomes all the more challenging when you do it without the company because there is no one to offer mutual encouragement, which makes it easy to lose your focus. If you are planning an extended solo spree, make sure that you maintain your focus throughout. Keep a journal or have a book to give you company in the wild.

Meditation and deep breathing also keep you centered and focused throughout. Prepare a checklist of stuff you need to carry because being well-equipped with everything you need, right from weapons and ammunition to body armor, tool kit, and camera. Carrying the stuff keeps you comfortable and confident. Prepare for the alone-time and train yourself to relish the moments alone.

A solo hunting trip can give you a new perspective on things. You will come back stronger and more confident, all set for your next trip with your gang.



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