How to qualify For A L1 Visa

Endorsement is one of the essential requirements to go to a specific country. Thus, it is not easy to get and provide instantly. It requires a procedure to make it more effective and reliable. The L1 endorsement is an example of an American approval that many people are curious about. It also includes the idea of how to qualify for this L1 visa.


As you know, many individuals want to work, study, and do business internationally. However, each of them has different required endorsements. Yes, that is right. Not all American affidavits are similar to each other. Besides, we want to share the information on proficiency for an L1 endorsement for this article. 


This affidavit is for the administrative, directors, and people with great learning about American companies. They are the only individuals who are qualified for American transfer and get an L1 endorsement. Thus, that is not the only requirement for having this document. It includes the American company with a division office, subordinate, parent, and ally of the foreign country. 


Notably, here is some classification about that status in the American companies. If you are working as a director or administrative, an L1A affidavit is for you. On the contrary, an L2B affidavit is for a person with core competency. Other than that, an L1 endorsement is not a self-petition. It means you can’t register it by yourself. The American company needs to seek it for you. They serve as your petitioner, and you are their grantee. 


Moreover, join us to give you supporting information on how you can seek this document. Keep on navigating to know more about this valuable data. Let us move forward and discover the things that can help you register for this kind of endorsement. So, let’s get started to explore more from it!


L1 Visa Requirements

Before jumping into the application, you need to provide the following requirements that we include in this section. Each of them has a crucial role in achieving the application for this L1 endorsement. As you know, all the permits require a particular document to support and meet the demand of this endorsement. To get that, here is the following;

  • A professional relationship between the international company and the American company is a must.

There are three relationships that you can consider in getting an L1 endorsement.

  • Parent or Subsidiary

This section contains the following;

  • More than half of the institution needs to be owned by one company. 
  • Performing a joint venture is essential. It means that 50% of the shares are from one institution. And, having equal power needs to serve in the parent company and veto control over the subordinate institution.
  • It is also possible for the institution with less than half ownership but has total power over the institution. 

  • Branch Office;


  • It is the same as the parent institution. Thus, it has a different location upon operating.
  • The registration of being a foreign company operating in American is a must. It is one of the requirements to get an L1 endorsement.

  • Affiliate

It has three qualifications. It consists of the following;

  • The same parent institution or person has the power over the two companies.
  • The same group of people has the power over the two companies. Thus, each of them needs to own the same part of each institution. 
  • Multinational accounting firm.

  • The worker transferred to the American must have full-time contracting by the foreign institution at least a year within the last three years before filing the L1 endorsement.


  • In getting an L1 endorsement, the worker who will transfer to an American institution needs to have a continuous full-time contract with the foreign institution. It is possible for those who have a year within the last three years before filing the L1 application. 
  • The continuity of contract is a must.
  • The days spent in the American in lawful standing for a division of the same employer or an allied, subordinate, or a parent and quick trips to the American for business or pleasure do not interrupt a year of continuous contracting abroad. Thus, those days will not include a year of professional work. 
  • You need to fulfill the year of proficient professional work when the L1 application is filed. 
  • At least 35 hours a week is required in full-time contracting. Thus, an exception is also possible when the L1 grantee works for multiple allied institutions. 

  • The contracting with the foreign institution must have been in a directorial, administrative, or core competency capacity.

  • Managerial Capacity;


  • Manage the organization, or a department, or a component of the institution
  • Have control over other supervisory, professional, or directorial workers, or command an essential function inside the institution or a department of the organization.
  • This person has the authority to hire workers. Thus, firing is also his/her power. You can also recommend some personnel. If no workers are directly supervised, command the function inside the institution.
  • Besides, you exercise discretion over the daily operation of the activity or function you have power over. A first-line superior is not considered acting in a directorial capacity under the supervisory duties unless the workers supervised are professional. 

  • Executive Capacity;


  • Direct the administration of the institution
  • Create the goals and the policies of the company
  • Practice open discretionary decision-making
  • Receiving only general supervision or direction from the higher-level administrative 

  • Specialized Knowledge


  • Having special knowledge about the company products and their registration in the international markets
  • Advanced knowledge of procedures of the organization

  • The worker’s work for the American institution must be in a directorial, administrative, or core competency capacity.


  • The primary status needs to be directorial, administrative, and core competency capacity.
  • An application for this status requires the information above before this section. 


Documents that you need to provide to seek an L1 visa

This section contains the document list that you need to produce before requesting an L1 endorsement. Each of these documents has a crucial role in making your application more reliable. It consists of the following;


  • Copies of your passport and your family
  • Your resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • The job description outlining your American work
  • Comprehensive job description of your status with your foreign institution
  • General information of both American company and foreign institution


The information that we provide is what you need to consider upon requesting an L1 endorsement. Your immigration lawyer has the power to guide you in a step-by-step procedure to meet the requirements process that the immigration needs to have. Thus, ensure that you provide the document to support your application and be appropriately granted. 


Considering the information above can guide you on how you can seek the L1 endorsement. It can serve as great support on how you can understand this endorsement perfectly. This information is helpful to understand the procedure you need to achieve when you submit your application to your petitioner. Ensuring your documents have an essential role in getting the endorsement that you want.


So, to get one of these endorsements, providing your supporting document is an excellent thing to do. We hope that we can help you in this matter. As you know, the information above is your stepping stone to a professional to get the endorsement that you want. It can also provide a significant benefit not only for you but also for your family. It can also give some fair offers until you reach your retirement


We are grateful to help you to achieve your goal. Thank you for browsing this article. We hope that you get this endorsement and work excellently in your preferred company. Enjoy and have a great day!



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