Planning Your First DJ Gig- How To Get A Great Start

Your first DJ gig is challenging. Perhaps, it is also the most memorable event in your entire career. The feeling is euphoric and overwhelming at the same time as your heart races and palms sweat. The sight of super-excited crowds can stress you out, but not if you are all set to dive. Just a little preparation can boost your confidence and help you achieve all the fame you want right at the start of your career.

You can well understand the importance of preparing for your first gig. While good practice can take you a step closer to perfection, it takes more than great music to set the stage on fire. You have to be confident enough about making the performance flawless. Even if something goes wrong, confidence helps you cover up and finish off as a pro. There’s much more you can do to set up your first DJ gig for success. Here are some tips to get a great start.

Get enough time to practice

The first offer always sounds exciting, and you may be tempted to take one even it comes at the last minute. Getting in without practice can do more harm than good, so it is a blunder you must avoid. Being selective is vital, and you must not jump on the first available offer, specifically if the timeline is tight. You must have at least a few days to practice and plan as they can affect the finesse in your performance and confidence levels. When you perform well the first time, more work will come flowing.

Show up before time

When you land your first gig, it is easy to feel like a star, but acting like one can land you in trouble. The last thing you should do is to show up late because there are lots of loose ends to tie up before you face the public. It is better to show up before the time so that you are comfortable with the atmosphere in the first place. It makes you feel less nervous as you know the audience. You will also have ample time to set up your equipment and run a soundcheck before the performance. If there are any issues, you can resolve them and avoid disaster on stage.

Use tools and tricks for better performance

When it comes to impressing the audience at your first gig, it makes sense to pick tools and tricks that take your performance a notch higher. A faster laptop or latest equipment can do wonders, but make sure you are comfortable with them. A last-minute switch for the tools is a recipe for disaster, no matter how advanced they are. Make sure you know the features and usage well enough. Download the latest DJ mixtapes because they can add the pep to your beats. Make sure you try your hand with them before getting on the stage. Buy early and practice with them before the big day.

Plan out your set

Keeping the audience engaged is all about understanding what they expect and giving them the music they want. Planning out multiple solid playlists is a good idea because you will have options to switch to depending on the crowd’s taste. You can have pre-planned mini-sets and mix and match them randomly to match the liking of the audience. It will keep them dancing and asking for more. Additionally, you will feel less nervous when you have different options to play according to the mood of the event.

Play to your crowd

Your first gig is probably your first experience with a live audience, which is very different from playing in your bedroom or basement.  When you play at home, your audience is often yourself or a couple of friends. Anticipate the excitement and noise you will see when you are on stage and do not get intimidated by them. Connect with the crowd and feel the excitement that comes from being in front of a crowd. Once you start relishing that feeling, it will be you playing to your crowd and your crowd loving you. Pay attention to the audience and try to understand what clicks. Get the right elements in your music, and you can rock the event.

Promote the gig

You may still be far from acquiring rockstar status, but good marketing matters even for your first gig. It is even more vital because cheering crowds can boost your performance and set you up for success. Never assume that you will get a packed show with only family and friends. You will probably want people you don’t know to be around because a bigger crowd can get you the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing and unbiased feedback. Moreover, being appreciated by a room of strangers definitely makes you feel happy and confident. Spread the word via social media, pamphlets, and signage at visible locations. A little promotion takes you a long way.

Always have a plan B

Whether it is your first gig or an event later down the line, leaving home without a plan B is dangerous. As a beginner, you will probably know little about hardware failures and their perils at events. But they are more likely to happen more than once during your career span. It could be a crashed laptop, a frayed cable, or anything else, but you cannot afford the music to stop. Always double-check your equipment before and after reaching the venue. Things can still go wrong at the last moment, so have a backup arrangement in place. Seek help from a trusted friend and ensure they are always at your back if something goes wrong.

Your first gig as a DJ is always a special one, and a little planning and preparation can make it worth remembering for you and your audience. It keeps you safe and confident, and you can indulge in music without worrying about technical glitches and failure. Just give your best and follow the cues of the audience to make a mark!



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