Interview with Laura Wilde: Music, Touring with Ted Nugent, and More!

Laura Wilde is coming to Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 10, 2012 to open for Ted Nugent in concert. She is a 22 year old from Melbourne, Australia who is now living in LA and making a living traveling the country doing what she loves. In an interview today, Laura Wilde explained her love for music, upcoming album, and more.

Laura has a passion for music. She has been playing the guitar since she was only 12 years old and started singing at the age of 14 as a classical opera singer. This is not the genre of music Laura stayed with, but she learned a lot from it and was able to use the techniques to enhance her rock music.

She has great influences in her music and calls herself glam punk rock. Laura has been compared to Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. Her music has a 90s rock feel to it, but is something that fans still fall in love with when they hear her voice.

Laura knows how to rock the stage. You will have your head banging and foot tapping when you listen to her music. Her blonde head shaking away to the beat is something you don’t want to miss.

If you make it out to see Laura Wilde in concert, you will get a taste of her music. Her sets when she opens for Ted Nugent are 30 minutes and gives fans enough that they are wanting more from her. She has loved the tour and said she is living her dream by traveling the world and performing music. The title track of her album is called “Sold My Soul” and talks about how the places she is getting to explore now on her music tour.

Laura has one album out called “Sold My Soul.” She has been working hard and has the songwriting part of the next album done with plans to get back into the studio after her tour ends.

If you are interested in Laura’s music, you can check her out on her website You can buy her music on her site or it is also available on Itunes or Amazon. You can also find her on Twitter @laurawilde and Facebook.


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