Kim Kardashian Punks Bruce Jenner Over Her Huge Fear of Spiders

Tonight on a new episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fans learned that Kim Kardashian has a huge fear of spiders. She saw one while out on a hike and didn’t like it, but Bruce Jenner couldn’t leave it alone.

When Kim came over to the house, Bruce had a spider in a cup and wanted her to get close to it. She gave him a hard time about keeping it as a pet, but to help her get over the fear he had another idea. Bruce chased her down with the spider and threw it on her!

Kim started freaking out and ran through the house throwing her coat off and went out the door. She actually ended up leaving in her car to get away from it.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner told Bruce that he just took it too far and that was not the way to get her over her fear. Do you think it was too much?

To get back at him, Kim Kardashian decided to make him think someone stole the Ferrari. Kim has the spare key for it so it would be pretty easy. Scott Disick took her to steal it while Bruce was hanging out with his son Brandon. They came out and started looking for it, but couldn’t find the car.

Bruce Jenner never cusses, but he was cussing up a storm after this one. He even called Kris Jenner to tell her about it. Kim and Scott then pulled up letting him know that payback is a bitch!


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