Crystal Harris Moves Back in With Hugh Hefner at Playboy Mansion

New information is out that Crystal Harris is back in the Playboy Mansion. What on earth is Hugh Hefner thinking?

Crystal left Hef just days before the two were supposed to get married. He can have pretty much any young pretty girl he wants and he lets her back in. This must be true love. It sounds like Crystal begged Hef to move back in and she is already there.

Reports also say that his #1 girlfriend Shera moved out as soon as Crystal was back. Does that mean Crystal Harris is already sleeping in Hef’s bedroom again? Neither one of them have spoke up on Twitter yet about it.

I am really shocked by this news. If she had just moved out, I could see them making things work, but it has been a long time. It sounds like her little fling didn’t work out and she couldn’t make it in the music business so she went running back to someone who could take care of her. What a mess!


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