Johnny Gray Leaves ‘Duets’ But Still No Answers of Real Reason

Tonight on ‘Duets’ fans were shocked to see Johnny Gray wasn’t on the show anymore. Last week he was #2 on the show and there was a chance he could win it. Fans want to know what the real deal is with him though. He is no longer on John Legend’s team at all.

The show made it sound like he left for personal reasons. Johnny Gray has a Twitter account and is talking today. His account is @mrjohnnygray if you want to follow him.

Tonight on his Twitter account he has said that fans don’t have all of the story yet at all. Johnny Gray said if he was still on the show he would be killing it and #1. The problem is that he is not really admitting to anything. He does say we haven’t heard the last from him and that when one door closes another one opens.

What do you think is going on with Johnny Gray? It sounds like he got in some type of trouble, but nobody wants to admit to anything on “Duets.” Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below.


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