Are Devin Grissom and Collin Varallo Still Dating?

Tonight fans get to see the season finale of “Southern Nights.” The previews show an emotional goodbye between Devin Grissom and Collin Varallo. These two got very close while on the show.

Devin ended up splitting up with her boyfriend and giving things with Collin a bit of a try. The two spent a lot of time cuddling up together on the show and were really close. Now fans want to know if they are still together.

According to Collin and Devin’s Twitter accounts they are both staying quiet about the subject so far. Today I got the chance to speak with Michael “Flex” Dean about the show and he was able to give me an update on the couple.

Michael said that Collin and Devin are still friends and very close. They are in contact, but it just isn’t a relationship at this time. They will still have to see if something happens later on with the two.

If you want to read the entire interview with “Flex,” check it out here.


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