What are “Bath Salts”? The Drug Causing a Zombie Scare

People can’t stop talking about the new drug called “Bath Salts” that people are using to get high. Recently Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man and started to eat his face. They are blaming his use of “Bath Salts” for the attack.

According to Web MD, “Bath Salts” is made from several ingredients, but the main ones are mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. They are made by illegal chemists. They are not the type of salts you place in the bathtub at all but simply a name for a drug.

They have actually been able to sell these in some places because they say that they are not made for humans to consume even though they are doing it.

These drugs make you paranoid and even hallucinate. They can’t even test this drug to see if it is in your system at all so it is hard to detect. They are still even sold in some quick shops.

“Bath Salts” are really scary. They are making people even start to think we are dealing with zombies. This is just absurd, but people love to let their imaginations run. Hopefully they can work on making them illegal to sell everywhere soon.


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