Styles Dating 33-Year-Old: Harry Gets New Girlfriend

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has a new girlfriend and she is a lot older than his last love which was Taylor Swift. Reports are out today that the One Direction star is now dating Kimberly Stewart.

Harry is only 19-years-old and Kimberly is 33-years-old. He has found an older woman now. She is best known as the daughter of Rod Stewart. New photographs show the two together and they look very happy. He had his arm around her. Maybe he realized that he was tired of childish games and needed someone who would be mature in the relationship.

Another thing about Kim is that she is the mother of a daughter who is one and a half years old. Harry Styles as a stepfather is kind of a shocking idea to most. He doesn’t seem ready to settle down into that role.

What do you think of Harry’s new girlfriend? It this relationship made to last? Sound off in the comments below.



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