Bikini Model Accused Of Murdering Ex

In a shocking scandal making headlines, bikini model Mayka Kukocova is being investigated after her ex-boyfriend, British millionaire Andrew Bush was found dead in the Spain mansion he resided in. Within days after Bush was found dead, Kukocova turned herself in to the local police in Nova Bosaca, Slovakia.

23-year-old Kukocova is expected to be extradited to Spain to answer to the charges against her in his death. She has been charged with “consumed intentional homicide” but is continuously stating that she is not guilty of this crime. She told a newspaper in Slovakia that the allegations against her are untrue and that she will fight her extradition to Spain. In an official statement Kukocova shared that the only reason she turned herself in is because she thought her country would protect her. According to Kukocova there is not enough evidence present in this case to justify extraditing her to Spain. She also states that what happened is very different than what the media is reporting happened.

Suspicion has fallen on Kukocova due to the circumstances of her ex’s death. Bush had just come back from a vacation with his current girlfriend when he was shot twice. The current girlfriend was reportedly a 20-year-old Russian college student named Maria Korotaeva, attending school in Bush’s hometown of Bristol, England and rumors are running rampant that Kukocova killed her ex in a jealous rage.

According to Korotaeva she fled Bush’s house when she heard what she perceived to be an intruder enter the house. She then heard the sounds of gunfire coming from the house as she stood outside of it.

Upon finding out that he was killed, Bush’s ex-wife, Sam Mason, and daughter traveled to Spain from their home in the U.K. Mason later posted on her Facebook page that the family was devastated by the loss of Bush and that their lives were now changed forever.

No word yet on if or when Kukocava will actually be extradited to Spain to stand trial for the crime.


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