Steve Burton Makes Fans Think He is Leaving ‘Young and The Restless’

Steve Burton Twitter

Steve Burton has been on “Young and the Restless” for a while now but a lot of his fans would love to see him return to “General Hospital.” He recently sent out a tweet that confused all of his fans making them wonder what he is talking about and where he is going to be next.

He is best known as Jason Morgan on “General Hospital.” There is news that Jason is coming back and “GH” has not confirmed who they will bring on to play the character. Rumors are that it could be Michael Muhney or Billy Miller. Now fans have their hopes up that Steve Burton could get the part back.

This tweet simply says, “Heading out. I really appreciate the cast and crew of @YandR_CBS much luv to ya.. And thank u to the fans for your support. :)” He honestly could have been leaving for the day but now fans are just unsure what he means and that he may be gone forever. Steve has been Dylan McAvoy on “Y&R” for a little over a year now.

Where do you want to Steve Burton? Do you want him back as Jason Morgan? Sound off in the comments!


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