Kim Zolciak Has Already Lost 50 Pounds Since Giving Birth to Twins

This photo was taken on November 22, 2009 in D...

This photo was taken on November 22, 2009 in Dowtown Carrier Annex, Los Angeles, CA, US, using a Sony DSC-W80. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kim Zolciak of “Don’t Be Tardy” on Bravo may have just had twins, but this mom of six already looks amazing. She has now revealed to E! Online that she has taken off 50 pounds since having her twins. That is a huge amount of weight loss considering how busy her life is right now. Lucky for Kim they do have a gym in their home.

She is admitting that genetics might have helped her out on losing the weight.  Kim also used a homemade girdle to keep her belly tight after getting home and she said this helped a lot! I need one of these girdles. She also said that she doesn’t even have stretch marks. I love this woman, but she is making it hard because I really want to hate her right now.

Don’t miss Kim Zolciak on new episodes of “Don’t Be Tardy” on Bravo. I love this show and it airs on Thursday nights.


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