‘The Bachelorette’ Preview Makes Fans Think Andi Pulls a Mesnick



It is almost time for the finale of “The Bachelorette” 2014 with Andi Dorfman and now fans are thinking that she might end up pulling a Mesnick. So what does that mean? If you remember, Jason Mesnick picked Melissa Rycroft to begin with and then things didn’t work out and he switched to his second choice Molly. These two are now married and have a little girl. They are doing great.

If Andi Dorfman was to do this, then it would only be the second time it has ever happened. Andi would have to pick one guy then change her mind later on. The preview shows that she gets a letter from the one she didn’t choose and this could change it all. Personally I don’t see that happening.

I know that the previews for “The Bachelorette” try to trick you and I think that is exactly what is going on here. I don’t see any way that Andi will pull a Mesnick but only time will tell.



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