‘Switched at Birth’ Season 4 Episode 4 Preview: Daphne’s Test

Fans of “Switched at Birth” are excited that season four is finally here. A new preview is out for season four episode four and it shows spoilers. It is time for Daphne to have her first big college test.

The clip shows her being told that the test is over and it is time to put her pencil down. The grades will be out in a just a few hours so she won’t have to wait long to find out how she did on it. The teacher even says that 1/3 of them will fail and she encourages them to just go ahead and drop the class. Luckily Daphne feels like she did really well. Hopefully her grade is as great as she thinks that it is when the teacher posts them online.

Don’t miss season four episode four of “Switched at Birth” on ABC Family. This airs on Tuesday nights each week. This episode will air on January 27.


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