‘Ted 2’ Official Trailer Released: Check It Out Here

The official trailer for “Ted 2” is out and fans can’t get enough of it! This movie is going to be a hilarious sequel to the first one. The preview starts out with Ted getting married! Next Ted announces that they are going to have a baby.

Of course for them to have a baby he needs a sperm donor and he has to go to his best friend to do the job. Of course everything goes terrible wrong when they are at the clinic trying to get his sperm. Ted then has to prove to the government that he is a person before they have a baby. One big thing you will notice in the preview is that Mila Kunis’ character is nowhere to be seen, but Mark Wahlberg is back once again.

“Ted 2” will be out in theaters this summer on June 26. This movie is going to be a must see and hilarious, but of course this one won’t be one you want to take the kiddos to see.


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