Josh Duggar infidelity: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

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Today we live in a society that persecutes Christians. Growing up, I was not a believer. I did what I wanted and hurt a lot of people. I have lived a life that was unpure, having a child out of wedlock. I was baptized in September of 2013, almost two years ago. I was forgiven for all of my sins and consciously make choices every day to please Him. I know right from wrong, I accept responsibility for wrongdoing and don’t pretend to be anyone I am not. I am a sinner who was saved by grace. I fail Him daily, and yet God still loves me.

I have a lot of opinions on the Josh Duggar situation. He was preaching about family values, all the while cheating on his wife Anna. The woman who brought four children into the world for him, the woman who submits to him completely and totally. A woman who was once pure. Despite his wrongdoings with his sisters, he was still proclaiming to be a faithful Christian. Many people backed him after the scandal broke, his sisters included.

Many of the “19 Kids and Counting” fans are STILL backing him. They are claiming this Ashley Madison thing is something that was done to trash the Duggars. It was NOT. The hackers who released the information were not out to get the Duggars at all, Josh Duggar just happened to be one of the members. There will be more people exposed, you can count on that. You cannot walk through life with blinders on people. The Duggars released a blog statement and Josh Duggar admitted his infidelity. What more “proof” do you need?

I am not judging him, God will. I am simply saying it is wrong. We know the difference between wrong and right. If you are choosing wrong, you need to be called out. We are supposed to spread the good news and tell the people in our lives when they are sinning. Personally I have many thoughts on this, but I won’t go into all of it because I don’t want to have to hear “judging” comments over and over. You cannot walk the walk without talking the talking. Josh Duggar cost his family everything. Selfish. Immoral. Disgusting.

I am praying for Michelle and Jim Bob. I am lifting up Anna and the children, especially during her post-partum weeks. I am so very, very sorry for the rest of the children. As a fan, I hope the family gets through this, but more importantly, I hope that TLC will reconsider their decision to yank the show and air it without Josh Duggar.




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  • Di
    August 20, 2015

    I agree, Tiffany. My heart is breaking for Anna, Michelle, Jim Bob, and the rest of the family. I pray they find a way to find peace with all that has happened.

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