Review: Riversport Adventures OKC For A Unique Experience

Ever since I saw the zip line at OKC Riversport Adventures in Oklahoma City, I knew that we wanted to go and check it out. Their website shows all of the fun things to do while you are there. They offer so much to do that you will want to plan an entire day for your trip. We went a couple of years ago and here is my review.


If you are taking children along with you, if they are under 48 inches tall then they won’t be able to do everything but they do have an amazing area for kids as well. This area has a very small zip line they sit on, a climbing area with someone to help them, a playground and even a huge jumping pillow that works kind of like a trampoline.

My entire family went to check out OKC Riversport Adventures. This included a six-year-old and 11-year-old. They were both able to do everything and loved it! We started the day out by getting on a harness and climbing up to the zip line. It is called the Sandridge Sky Zip. You take the stairs up and strapped in the entire time. When you get to the very top, you zip line down and right over the river. It was a blast! At the other side, you then get to come back across the river to finish your zip line trip.

The next thing we did was climb up the Sandridge Sky Trail to the slide. This trail is full of various ladders, ropes and more that you can climb across. You do not have to do it to get to the top but it is a lot of fun. Once you are at the top, you get a mat and then go down the huge slide to the bottom.

They also have a climbing wall, bicycling extreme bike track and extreme jumping. They also offer the Rumble Drop which is a bit of a free fall. The only complaint I had about our time at OKC Riversport Adventures was that this was not open that day due to not having enough people working. We would have loved to try it out! It took us about three hours to complete all of this but the lines were not long.

You can also go down to the water and try out kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and more! This area looked great and was full of people having fun in the water. You can check out a kayak or whatever else you want and go out on the water and go down the river. They also had a great workout area that was full of bars. You could follow the steps there and do a daily workout.

If you are looking for a fun time in Oklahoma, make sure you check out OKC Riversport Adventures in Bricktown. It is located at 725 S. Lincoln Blvd. I would highly recommend this for a day trip to the city or part of your overnight stay. I can’t wait to go back and do all of the water stuff as well!

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