Nick Viall Hooked Up With One of His ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Before Show (Updated)

Nick Viall is now filming “The Bachelor” 2017, and it turns out that he had met one of his contestants before the show. They actually hooked up before. Of course, she probably knew this going on the show, but Nick didn’t know she would be there. Us Magazine is sharing the spoilers about what went down.

An insider revealed the details saying, “During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again.” Of course, they aren’t saying who the girl is that Nick had slept with, but you know Reality Steve will end up figuring that one out. If he doesn’t know already, you know that Steve will get this information.

It sounds like nobody on the show will know about it, though. Another source spoke out and said that Nick, “didn’t want any girls on the show that he already knew or had a date with” because he felt “it was a waste of a person being there.”

Nick Viall is trying to find love, and it sounds like he is serious about it. Maybe this girl that he hooked up with once will end up being a perfect match for him. Are you shocked that Nick didn’t reveal the truth about their past to the girls? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of “The Bachelor” 2017 with Nick when they start airing in January on ABC.

Update: Of course, Steve went to his blog account and shared who it is. The girl joining this season is Elizabeth Sandoz. She was Jade Roper Tolbert’s maid of honor at her wedding and hooked up with Nick Viall after the wedding. They didn’t talk again, but she joined the show and did mention to a girl that she had “met” Nick before. The two go on the second group date, chat and he sends her home.



  • Pat Bates
    October 11, 2016

    A little of this story is missing. This girl told some of the other ladies that she met Nick and hooked up. Nick brought her on the first group date. He talked to her alone and sent her home before the group date was over. Now we don’t know if Nick was with the girl or not. Nick was at a table of alum the morning after the wedding.’Nick was alone. The only people that were discussed were Chris Soules and Ashley I’s sister.
    It may be that she was lying just like someone did about Lauren on Ben’s season. Or if they did get together Nick being alone tells us she did not stay long if any. Nick may not have remembered her. But she brought on her own exit.

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