Planning a Cruise Without A Travel Agent To Help You Out

When you first decide that you want to go on a tropical cruise, you will consider a travel agent to make thing easier on you. We did this ourselves before going on our first Carnival Cruise. I had already done all of the research online for the cruise, knew which one we wanted to take and all the information on it. We contacted a travel agent thinking that it would get us a better deal. She actually gave me a higher price than the website showed. When I told her what the site showed, she thanked me and said she was sure she could get that price. Sounds to me like sometimes you will spend even more money with a travel agent.

Basically, the travel agent has information for you and sets everything up along the way. They do not get you better prices. They can get the same prices that you see on Carnival’s website. They will go over all of the information on the site that you can see for yourself. They will tell you things such as food is included, they have formal nights and more. This is all stuff you can read on Carnival’s website if you are willing to do just a bit of research.

When it comes to booking your cruise, the travel agent will book it for you. This means if you have any problems or questions Carnival cannot help you at all. You must contact your travel agent. Carnival is open 24 hours a day. Your travel agent is probably not open these hours. Carnival has amazing customer service that is there to help you out if issues do arise. If you call and give them your information, they will not be able to assist you at all since you booked with a travel agent.

We booked our cruise directly through Carnival and have done the same for every cruise since then. We got the same price as we would have received with a travel agent, but we can now do everything ourselves. I am able to call Carnival 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with any questions. I can change my room or cruise dates through them directly. I prefer to research everything myself before the trip.

If you have already done all the research, why pay someone else to do it for you again? The only reason I see using a travel agent as helpful for a cruise would be if you want to have them plan everything for you. You can call and say I want a cruise these dates and they will book you. You will not be able to research what is best for you. It is more time effective to do the work yourself. If you are thinking about a tropical cruise, this is a vacation you will not regret!



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