Review: GR Caribe Hotel By Solaris in Cancun, Mexico Fun, But Not Our Style

A couple of years ago we took a vacation to Cancun and stayed at the GR Caribe Hotel by Solaris in Cancun Mexico. First off if you choose to stay here understand in Cancun, it is known as Golden Solaris. If you don’t know this, buses, excursions, and more will drop you off at the wrong hotel. It would have been nice for someone to warn us about this at the front desk.

As you walk into the hotel, you will find a nice lobby. You keep walking through to a great view of the beach along with the pool right outside. They have one pool and two hot tubs at this resort. After we got home a friend told us we totally missed another pool that we never even saw. You are also able to use the items at the resort next door. This is where you will find the better pool that has a swim up bar and is full of activities. They have a few random things going on throughout the day including volleyball, bingo and more. We had a blast playing volleyball in the pool with their staff.

When it comes to food, it can be hard to find things that you want to eat. It took us a couple of days to figure out the best spots. The nice Italian restaurant Marco Polo does have a dress code but is really amazing food. The buffet is great some nights and terrible others. You will want to make sure that you read the sign out front to find out what kind of food they are having that night. Nobody took the time to warn us about this either or explain how it worked.

The best food at the resort is in a small restaurant that has an amazing view of the beach. It is the GR Caribe by Solaris and not at the hotel next door. You can get a full course meal, and the food is great. Don’t miss out on their homemade guacamole. Honestly, I still think about that guacamole and would consider going back to the resort I didn’t love to have it again. The other good food is room service. Remember this is an all-inclusive resort, and the food is included, and so are drinks including alcohol.

The hotel offers one show a night. The first night we got there we were told to make sure we made it to the beach show on Monday night because it is amazing. We did everything to make sure we were there and when we went to the beach nothing was going on. There was a wedding earlier, though. We went into the hotel and asked about the show. We were simply told it was canceled with no explanation. They did not have signs up or anything, so this was a bit of a disappointment.

The shows at the hotel next door are the one show a night you get. These shows are not very good. They do have a show about Mexico where they bring in performers from another hotel, but the other shows need a lot of work. They don’t sing, but only lip sync, and the dancing needs some work. We went though because there was nothing else to do. The website says they have a magic show and even mentions karaoke, but none of this was going on while we were there. It made for some pretty boring nights.

At about 8:00 p.m. the entire hotel shuts down basically. The hot tub and the pool close at this time. There is one hot tub that stays open next door, but it was always too cold to want to be in at night. The shows starts at 8:00 and then when they are over you won’t find anything to do besides drink at the bar. There is not a night club here or anything else to do at all. A couple of times they had a singer in the lounge, but they were not very good so we didn’t listen for long.

Our room was very nice and spacious. It does offer a small fridge that they put water, beer, and drinks in for you. It also had a safe. It had a gorgeous stand-up shower, but no tub. We had no complaints about the room at all and it was probably the best part of the trip besides getting to spend some time on the beach.

If you are looking for a hotel with a great view of the beach and a nice pool, you will find this at the GR Caribe by Solaris, but you can find that at any hotel in Cancun. I would not recommend this hotel. We will not be staying there again. It would only be a good choice if you just need somewhere to be on the beach all the time.


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