Nick Viall Gets Upset With Corinne During Date In His Hometown

Fans have been watching Nick Viall really start to care about Corinne on this season of “The Bachelor” 2017. This week on the show Nick will be taking the girls to his actual hometown. People shared that Nick will get upset with Corinne this week, but will it be enough to get him to send her home?

Nick will actually have the girls helping clean up cow manure. Of course, this is not a fun job for them, but Corinne doesn’t do it at all. She actually sneaks away and is then seen saying that she wants sushi. She is sitting outside by herself instead of joining in. Nick is not going to be happy at all that she snuck away, but spoilers say it won’t be enough for him to send her home just yet.

So far, the fans aren’t loving Corinne, but Nick Viall is intrigued by her. As each week goes on, he is going to get to know her better and then Nick will have to decide if she is the type of person he wants to marry or not.

Are you shocked by the way Corinne acts next week on “The Bachelor” 2017? Do you think that it is time for Nick to send her home? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.


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  • Lori weisbrod
    January 20, 2017

    Looks like his is uncomfortable with her actions a few times this season so far. Obviously, he isn’t dumb. He will dump her on the 2 in 1 in the middle of the mountains hopefully! Make the right choice Nick!

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