Mariah Brown of ‘Sister Wives’ Shares Big Plans For School

Mariah Brown has been going to college, but it turns out that she has some big plans for the future. 2 Paragraphs shared all about how she is planning to head off to graduate school. Lately, Mariah has been posting a lot of stuff on her social networks about living a healthy lifestyle.

It turns out that she is applying to graduate schools right now. Mariah said, “If I’m not working, in the gym, or hanging out with my doggies, I’m working on grad school applications” which she says is “stressful.”

This is great news! Mariah Brown hasn’t shared her exact plans yet. This week on the new episode of “Sister Wives” she will come back home to visit the family and she brings her girlfriend along with her. This was filmed a while ago, but from her social networks, you can tell that they are still together and going strong at this point. The fans love seeing how happy Mariah is now that she has opened up and revealed the true her to the world.

Are you shocked to hear that Mariah Brown is headed off to graduate school? Don’t miss her on new episodes of “Sister Wives” on Sunday nights on TLC.


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